1.    To the government for provision of FREE education / grants to pay
workers and improvement of infrastructure.

2.    To ACTS/APDK to the support they give to our needy pupils

3.    To the executive director M.R.I (Mrs. Anne Suburu) and the M.R.I.
Group from America for mattresses/desks/chairs/lunch programme

4.    To the ACK ladies Nyali for lunch support.

5.    To consolidated Bank for the donation of furniture/foodstuff.

6.    To Mrs. Anne Seburu/Valentine ladies for lunch programme support.

7.    To Barclays bank (Bamburi branch) for painting the school (making
a difference) support for lunch.

8.    To the parents who bring their children to school everyday.

9.    To the members of staff for their devotion and effort to promote the
standards of the mentally handicapped children.

10.    To the pupils for their manageable behaviour.

11.    To Ms. Catherine Qthu and Wilfred Muinde for donation of television

12.    To the volunteer/well wishers and friends of PWANI school

Thanking you all in the Spirit of "WE CAN MAKE IT WITH YOUR HELP"


Mission and Vision




We can make it with your help.


To rehabilitate mentally handicapped children through various activities toenable …

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